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Why you should book with us your Maldives surf trip or surf travel adventure?

You want local knowledge and expertise for your Maldives surf trip, someone who just "does" Maldives

You want to go to the best surf breaks for your surfing level 

You want flexible arrival and departure dates for your surf trip, and want to be transferred in 20 minutes from the airport to your surf boat

You want timely&resolutive communications during your whole surf trip with your Maldives surf travel operator. 

YES! That is the way we work at!



Surf Boat Ocean One

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Surf Boat Ocean One

Ocean One is an open boat. Individual bookings are accepted and arrival and departure can be any day.

Surf Boat Dhinasha

Dhinasha is an open boat too.

Surf Boat Isis Cruiser 

Isis Cruiser is an open boat too


Bookings and Contact

Hi! This is Juca Morais! What can I do 4U 2day?

You may contact me in any of the following ways, we usually reply instantly:
Or,  if you prefer, just fill out and send the following contact form!

  • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Q Why book with maldivessurftravel?

A For all the following reasons

  • Any day arrival and departure on many liveaboards
  • Speed boat service.
  • We offer open liveaboard , ie. Single bookings,  to central atoll.
  • We offer three different levels of price and comfort to fit all budgets: Standard, De Luxe, Luxury.
  • We will brief you on the surfing conditions and the best surfing spots at the time of your travel . We know how to interpret the  surfreports . And we will be available for free consultation during your full trip with us
  • We have an standardized emergency protocol in case a surfer gets injured. Just explain to the captain on liveaboards and the captain will get in touch with Ahmed, the operations manager, and he will be the coordinator with the insurance company and the medical service. If you are staying in a resort just get in touch with us by email and Ahmed will get in touch with you like in the liveaboard.


Q What are the surfing regions in Maldives?

A North Male Atoll, Central Atoll, South Atoll. North Atoll surfbreaks incredibly start only  20 minutes by speed boat from Male airport.

 Central Atoll surfbreaks are one boat day away or a 45 minute fly away.  South Atoll are two days away by boat or a 55 fly away.

Most surfers go to to North Male atoll, as it has more easy access. The central and south atoll have empty line-ups

Q What is the surfing ability required?

A Although easier than Indonesia, Maldives surfing is for at least intermediate surfers. Surfers have to know how to deal in a reefbreak environment

Q What is the surf check list

A Reef boots, a spare set of fins, a spare leash, warm water wax, ding repair kit

Q How long you recommend staying in the liveaboard?

A If you stay longer than one week we recommend you to mix liveaboard and resort.

Q Why going to Central and South Atoll is more expensive than North Atoll?

A Everything is more expensive: Gas, food, etc the further away you go South from Male.

Q Internet access while on liveaboard 

A Get a sim card for 35 USD with 4 Gb data, as soon as you land in Male airport, there is a mobile shop in the airport next to arrivals,  surprisingly you get decent data coverage everywhere you go with the boat.